when your otp is in an intense argument and their faces get closer together but then they stop talking 

and they look at the others’ lips

When I say “I hate school” it doesn’t mean I hate education and knowledge.. It means that I hate selfish and ignorant people there. It means that I hate stress and high expectations. It means that I hate being treated like a shit. It fucking means that I hate feeling like a failure all the time.

Anonymous (via fixedpenny)

Reblog if you have ever


  • - made your self throw up
  • - starved
  • - took a razor to your skin
  • - felt like your not good enough
  • - thought about suicide
  • - attempted suicide
  • - burnt your self
  • - got bullied
  • - been called ugly/fat etc..
  • - or harmed your self in any way
  • - cried your self to sleep
  • - been abused

I will message every fucking single one of you.


I don’t care if you’re 70 pounds or nearly 700 pounds. You’re beautiful to me and I freaking love you. Screw all those heartless pricks who talk behind your back. Screw them to hell because you are you and there is nothing wrong with that!